Hi fellas. Which is better ? Ibanez RG2550 or S5470 ? I heard and read that the hot grinder pickups of the s series are just unnecessary high output so pickups are no good. How are the pickups of the RG ? And mahogany versus Basswood is another question. What I'm looking isn't the tone obtained from a fender of course, but a bit of quality there won't hurt :P So which one is a go ?
Ideas ?
I have an ibanez s series guitar, and i find that it plays MUCH better than any guitars from the RG series. it has great tone, too. very versatile guitar. i say go for the s5470

EDIT: actually i just realized the pickups in my guitar and the s5470 are different. nvm =D
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Alright, a bit of price list:


S5470F: 1400€
S5470 : 1130€
RG2550Z: 899€


S670FM : 510€

So in fact, there is a 240€ difference in price between S5470 and 2550Z. But one model lower S is the 670FM. I totally forgot about the prices. So, the fact is now that paying an extra 240€ would shake my budget more than enough.
They're both great guitars (both prestige I believe) so it really comes down to which ever one feels more suited to your position and generally sounds nicer. Best thing is too try each one out.
I went with RG2550MZ and I'm quite satisfied with it. For that price range it gives the biggest satisfaction. Worth every cent.