Hey guys as you all know Christmas is coming up soon. I can spend about a thousand dollars on an acoustic guitar (a little under 1000 would be amazing). I am wondering what kind of guitar should i get? I will be using it for recording and be plugging it in to a sound system once a week (so i will need a guitar with nice electronics). I am just wondering what kind of guitar is right for recording, playing unplugged, and playing plugged in. I usually play folk style music (like iron and wine) also music like Dave's acoustic stuff. Please if you can point me in the right direction of a guitar that is right for me.

Thanks in advance
x2 on the Taylor. The Sapele shouldn't overwhelm your recordings with overtones. Great guitar.
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well made grand auditorium and om guitars can sound as loud as a dreadnaught - whether you prefer the sound is personal preference.

i like the taylor 114ce a lot, but also suggest you try some acoustic electric SWS seagulls as they have a couple shape options for you. there's also a martin right at around $1000 that i've heard very good things about, and if you're checking around, don't forget the breedloves - they're not my faves but a lot of people love 'em.

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i heard that grand acoustic style bodies are better for all around playing (including recording) than dreadnought, which is just better for unplugged playing... can anyone confirm this?