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It goes like this cot (x) * sin(x) = cos(x)

no numbers involved just switching shit around to make cos(x) = cos(x)

i got

                      1          *    sin(x)  =  cos(x)
                   --------          -------
                    sin(x)              1

How do i deal with that fraction within a fraction bitch?

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i just did these, u in 12?

the cot can be turned into Cos^2/Sin^2

then you have

cos^2 Sin
--------- X --------
sin^2 Sin

= cos^2sin

then you factor the top, cross out the sins and you are done. i think, idk this stuff gave me trouble.
In regards to the actual question you had to answer, if you still need help on it, once you have cos/sin you multiply that by sin giving you sincos/sin which allows you to cancel out the sins giving you cos
cotangent = 1/(sin/cos) which is the exact same thing as (cos/sin)

remember that (2/3)/(3/4) is the same as (2/3) x (4/3), same logic applies here

(cos/sin)x(sin)=cos because the sines cancel out and you are left with the cosine.

Speaking of trig identities, I have a quiz on verifying identities and the like tomorrow in my precalc class which I should be studying for. Thanks for the reminder.

DivinEdit: And don't listen to anybody who tells you to use the Pythagorean identity. That is just over-complicating the problem.
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cant cancle when mutiplied i dont think, and its not sin/sin= 1 its sin^2 + Cos^2 = 1

you will have to factor when you multiply then cancle
cotx*sinx = (cosx/sinx)*sinx = cosx
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