Hey All!

I've got quite a few guitars now from across a number of brands, and they all have different pickup outputs.

The quietest is my Fender Mustang which is super quiet and the loudest is my Gibson LP Goldtop 67VOS, with Tele's, Strats, Gretsches and my Ric 330/12 comming somewhere between those two extremes.

The problem is that i cant just turn up the volume on my amp because when i do that, my distortions become TOO LOUD. So we then go from my cleans being to quiet to my dist being way too loud. Being a user of quite a few distortion pedals, i dont want to reset the levels on each pedal every time i change guitars.

Are there any soloutions to this out there? (there's gotta be, considering the fact that there are many guitarist who run so much different gear together)

Thanks in advance
A volume pedal at the beginning of your pedal chain could help.
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I could, but it isnt really a soloution to bringing up the volume of the super low output pickups.

I've thought of putting a booster pedal up the front of my chain also, but i wanna know if there are any other options available to me. if this is the best option, what are some you could recommend? does having a booster running suck up my tone? :S
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Well, this is why different guitars and different pickups exist. If every guitar had the same output, there wouldn't be a market for replacement pickups.

Anyway, you could get a compressor pedal. Put in front of your amp, it will even up every guitar, hitting the amp at the same output. This can also seemingly improve sustain, though it comes with various side effects which aren't always wanted, such as making single notes just as loud as chords and you lose the ability to control the amount of distortion (or the volume of your playing) from your guitar; effectively your volume control will do nothing.
You can also put it in the effects loop of your amp. Putting it here means you can once again use the volume control on your guitar to contorl your output up to the preamp stage. By doing this and using a mixture of cut/boost pedals (and the guitar's volume control) you can lower your output to the preamp for a cleaner tone/boost the output for a more distorted tone, then the compressor pedal will even up both sounds so your clean and distorted tones iwll be the exact same volume without you having to change amp channels. There's no extra downside to putting the compressor pedal in your effects loop.

I myself use a wide variety of guitars with different outputs, I've got an army of boost/cut/overdrive pedals and a single channel amp - I'm toying with a compressor pedal in the effects loop myself as we speak and I must say it's working out very nicely.
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volume on guitar? i hate touching mine, so i'll liberally assume you don't touch yours. a clean boost could do well.
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