Is it true that the Fishman SA220 puts out 220watts? I just find it unbelieveable that an amp that looks so small could have so much power. Also with the Roland AC90 I've noticed that it has two channels that from what I understand are individually rated at 45 watts. If this is the case would it be possible to access 90 watts of output power in each channel alone?
Yes, the Fishman Solo Amp has 220 watts of clean power and it does sound amazing.

The Roland AC90 has 90 watts altogether. The 45/45 rating doesnt refer to each input's capacity, but to the fact that it has 2 speakers which each handle 45 watts of the total load. You can push each channel to using up 90 watts of power, but at that point you're distorting, so no each channel is not capable of cleanly handling 90 watts worth of in/output simultaneously.

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