Ok, so some of you may know, I was looking into an egnater renegade. You may also know I needed it to do metal tones, with the addition of a pedal.

But now I'm getting really undecided so I came to the forum for some advice. I dont know if I should get the egnater, and use an overdrive, to push and tighten the gain a little harder, or if I'm better off keeping my HRD with my nady TD-1, getting rid of my MT-2, and getting a 6505 as a second amp, for jamming with my friends, and maybe get a 1-2 switch and alternate, for metal.

I will probably, when money comes my way, replace the HRD with the egnater anyway, because I thoroughly love all the tones you can get naturally from the egnater. I love it for classic rock stuff, classic metal, fusion smooth tones, the cleans are great, blues OD tones, even a neoclassical quack, I can get from this amp, I just can't push it for metal.. Also, can the egnater tourmaster do metal on top of what the renegade can do? that would be my savior.

But anyway, yeah I really can't beat around the bush, because every drummer, and every band that would want me to jam, wants me to play metal.. The MT-2 isn't cutting it, for quite obvious reasons, so give your input, do you think a maxon td-808, or cmatmods signadrive could push the natural egnater OD enough that it will work well, or should I get the 6505 on switch and use that? thanks.

Also, you can recomend other amps in the 6505 price range, thats just a point of reference for me.
Also, one more question, is a 6505 1x12 complete shit? cause its half the price of a 2x12