So I'm lookin into building a Carvin custom. And for anyone who knows much about em. Which pickups would be right for me?

I need the most versatile ones. I play Rock, Metal, Pop, almost anything. I also go to college for Jazz. So I need something that can deal with fairly high gain, but also hold up clean. For jazz I almost always use the neck pickup(who doesn't)

If anyone has any ideas, lemme know.

My carvin has the standard C22B and N set, and it sounds great for jazz. I do wish, however, than I could get more grit out of the bridge pickup. Carvin doesn't really make very high output pickups. I think Im going to swap mine out for something else anyways.

http://www.carvinguitars.com/comparepickups.php heres the carvin pickup guide. Perhaps something mids-ier would suite jazz more than the C22N, but you will never know unless you try them all out. Most of the tone will come out of what tonewoods you choose, and of course your amp. If you are like me, you will eventually want to swap the pickups out later on down the road anyway.
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Are you getting an SH550? If so: lucky bastard. You better show an NGD thread. I'll be ordering one as soon as I can afford it.

Anyway - consider the H22s, the pickups designed for Allan Holdsworth's sig. You might have to call it in, but they will certainly be willing to make a non-standard option as a pickup change.

^Carvin's pickup guide isn't really that good for much outside of output; there's a really good thread on their message board, though, I'll try to find it in a sec.
Nah I'm getting the a California Carved top Single Cut. Gold top Thanks for the help guys. I'll just get the basic ones probly and change em out later. I suck with pickup changing. Its tough when you can't really hear them before hand.
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It sounds like your best bet is the C22B and H22N combo, but recommending pickups is a dodgy thing because good tone is so subjective.