Hey, this is a bit random, but i feel like It would be fairly productive if I inquire to the UG society.....
Can anyone recommend me a good song with technical dualing (harmonized etc) shred guitar parts, this is for 2 guitarists ( i can safely say we are competent, i'm not arrogant i just believe that since we study music and jazz, classical etc and practice a lot we can play most rock music, and we are interested in a challenge the point ) drums , and bass.

I like scarified by racer X and its a good choice definitely but idk if our bassist can bust that out, anyways im sure some people will have some good recommendations to consider other than that 1 song. Were pretty much open to any style, but it should be listen-able to a normal audience.

were into stuff like guthrie govan, jon petrucci, etc.

Liquid tension would be sexy but keyboardist is something we dont have at the moment. our drummer is really good so thats no issue.

If it has singing post it anyways just b.c. im interested in hearing music of this criteria, and we can sing but i find that it can be hard/weird to impersonate a lot of singers of more esoteric genres, like not mainstream music.
anyways thanks so much for your insight!!!

Megadeth - Tornado of Souls
Avenged Sevenfold - Afterlife
Metallica - One

Swapping rhythm/lead.
scorpions songs have some duel shredding and harmonies.

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I'd reccomend pretty much anything by Avenged Sevenfold. They have a lot of songs that Zacky and Syn harmonize on or switch back and forth parts.
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Any Cacophony song.
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Any Cacophony song.

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thanks for the recommendations.
Obviously some of the posts were uninteresting, i guess were looking for something way more modern and progressive than metallica lol

also something way way harder as in more difficult....

more along the lines of petrucci, guthrie level guitar
Hmm...The Human Abstract maybe? They have a large of amount of insane parts, listen to Crossing the Rubicon or Vela, Together we await the Storm. Lots of harmonizing and acoustic sections too. It might surprise you, you might really like some of their stuff.

If not that, I know Between the Buried and Me have difficult parts too and lots of harmonizing. Maybe listen to the outro of White Walls or Selkies: The Endless Obsession. Both have 2 lead guitars that either harmonize or play individual things. And their songs have harmonies and counter-melodies all of over the place with really advanced riffs throughout. Wish I had someone to play that with...
anything by the human abstract or between the buried and me. id even say all shall perish. those guy are seriously underrated and belong up there with guys like petrucci. im not a big fan but honestly bands like a7x and dragonforce have amazing duel guitar stuff(Wether or not they can pull it off its till ridiculous.) this is not quite the same idea but the guys from machinehead do some very interesting duel guitar work. someo f these are not as intense as some of the others but i think all are amazing.
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