so I was gonna ask a quick question about some C&C lyrics but when I searched for a coheed thread in PP&E, I found that all of them had been closed. not only this, but all of them that were there hadn't been posted in since like 07/08.

so now I have a new question, what gives? was a new decision come to about Coheed placement amongst the forums? is the coheed thread simply under a title lacking the words "coheed and cambria" so that it wouldn't appear in my search?


regardless, why do all the lyric sites say "You've got the gun, I've got the bullets" for gravemakers and gunslingers when I distinctly hear gravestone rather than bullets? not that I wouldn't believe that there had been a mistake, but every site I've looked through has it written like this and I just can't get my ears to hear these words.
so are they there or not?
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All the lyric sites are dumbasses that usually copy from one website and another website copies it from there... it goes on and on my friend.

:EDIT: maybe you should look for an official thread; maybe thats why they're all closed.... ****in mods....
They are not in the PP&E forums, they are in the Prog forum (and Thrice should really be in a different forum, but they decided not to move them (and BTBAM (always relevant...) is in both the Metal and Hardcore forums (and Deathcore is allowed to be discussed in the Metal forum, but only in the Deathcore thread))))))))))))))).

Check the Prog forum, there's a HUGE Co&Ca thread.

Also, haven't you learned that UG has a horrible search engine?!? If you capitalize certain words you get certain results. Coheed and coheed are not the same on the query.
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Quote by Decatur
:EDIT: maybe you should look for an official thread; maybe thats why they're all closed.... ****in mods....

They're closed so we don't have 943798490893 threads on them. Calm down.

+I moved it to prog after everyone started throwing hissy fits about it being in here.
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