i was just sitting here thinking tonight and i realised how much music meant to me... it really is everything to me. i don't know if i'd be alive today without music let alone the person i am today. i am currently attending simons rock college, an early college (i woulda been a senior) that is a subsidary of bard. but i want more, i want music to be what everyday of my life revolves around. reading on UG forums brought to my attention Berklee College of Music and i did a little research and i know in my heart its what i want, so badly.
i dont consider myself a great musician yet
ive never had guidance, but ive just began taking voice lessons
ive sung my whole life, and played guitar for almost 4 years, but i feel my biggest strength is songwriting.
i am intelligent
what can i do (other than practice nonstop) to get into this school, it seems you really have to be incredible to get accepted
advice/support or even just encouragement would be greatly apreciated
thank so much guys
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You can have a lot of money, that will help you get in... or give amazing head.

Berklee is quite expensive for most people. I don't know your financial position, so as a forewarning: make sure you're in a safe place to afford Berklee. Outside of that, brush up on your theory and reading. Reading sheet music or improvising over chord changes is a skill that many guitarists lack, make sure you can perform highly on both of these levels. At schools like Berklee and above (as Berklee is only one school, amongst many higher education music schools), they'll be looking for musicians more so than "guitarists" or "pianists."

Just my 2 cents.
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