We can leave this world together, tonight
you and I. We can head for the stars,
I'll hold your hand in mine.
We can live on the moon,
run away from life, experience the universe,
We can head towards the sky.

In a rocket, in a plane, on a ship, we can fly.
We can manage alone, we planned too long,
too much, to let this die.
We dock our ship quietly,
in the night, after sailing through ozone,
and fire, leaving the world behind.

Landing on the moon, we watch the world burn,
burning everything, the life we had learned.
We watch the supernova, all the power,
and the light. This isnt the dark side of the moon,
there's no darkness to sleep through the night.

But I couldn't sleep anyways, and miss the stars,
step down from their thrones, revolt, and throw out their crowns.
They were jealous of you
since the moment you arrived,here in outer space,
rivaling their bright.

I'll never sleep again, I couldn't give up that time,
to sit here with you, and watch worlds collide.
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