Shecter C-1 E/A. This guitar has a semi-hollow mahogany body with a maple top. A GFS Crunchy Pat is in the neck position, and it is equipped with a Piezo system. The switch lets you switch from 100% piezo, 50/50 piezo/pickups, and 100% pickups. A whole load of great sounding tonal possibilities. Comes with a gig bag and Grover tuners are on this as well. The guitar was originally set up with cream plastic, and i can include or replace those if you'd like. 9/10 condition. I really don't know why Schecter doesn't make this guitar anymore.

$425 plus shipping. I paid that much for the guitar with just stock pickups, so id like to try to break even? I REALLY NEED THIS GONE SOON!

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PM ME!!! or email: mc_carlini *at* yahoo.com
that sure is sexy
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thank you very much, Seaweed
Ya its an awesome guitar i'm only selling it because i'm upgrading my amp to a Mesa Boogie. Someone please give this baby a new home!