Whats all this i hear about being able to do this?
What is it/how can it be achieved/can it be done on every floyd rose original?
not sure what topic to post in.
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slap a block of wood in there.....
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Quote by Gundamnitpete
slap a block of wood in there.....

Pretty much. It's a simple idea.

You open up your guitar and look into the cavity where the Floyd Rose is. You put a block between the guitar and the Floyd. It prevents pulling up on the Floyd and some other things that I don't remember.
Flying Couch pretty much got it, but just to add you can block it so it can only be pushed down, thus leaving them mostly functional but much easier to set up or totally block them effectively turning them into a hard tail bridge.
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There would really be no reason to block an OFR as thats the best you can get as far as tremolos are concerned but if you insist there are two different ways you can do it. Theres a product called a tremolo-no that has gotten some good reviews. There is also the much cheaper method of putting a wooden block in the trem cavity. You can also fully or kinda half block it. I have mine blocked partially, just pull back because the trem wouldnt return to tune on pullbacks but on dives its fine.
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