I dont know much about him..what he did and stuff but I've been watching videos of him ..not just his playing but his songs and his style and emotions.. etc
and I find him really overrated because a lot of people consider him as one of the guitar Gods...I find him falling way short of many guitarists out there.

Could someone explain to me perhaps why people thinks hes soooo good.
Falling short why? cause he can't sweep, or tap or what?
2003 Music Man Axis Pacific Blue Burst
no I dont mean just his skills...I play blues myself I know it's not just about shredding
I mean people like SRV and Hendrix they had a huge impact and they influenced so many people out there....i just dont feel clapton had that much of an influence because I dont find him standing out at all...

Anyways im not saying he's bad...im just asking why he so famous...i live in asia right now and if you ask a guitarist if they knew clapton and..say peter green, they'd most likely know only clapton