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Here's a short history:

We released our self funded debut album, produced by Rhys Fulber (MSI, Fear Factory, Machinehead) at the end of May through our own label. The album achieved great reviews from Kerrang, Rocksound etc etc.
As well as playing this years Download Festival, we have toured nationally with Aiden, AFI, Black Stone Cherry, InMe, Stone Gods, Kill Hannah etc.
We got voted top ten unsigned in this years RockSound poll without campaigning for it!

Recently we lost our long standing Lead Guitarist, Rhythm Guitarist and Bass player due to lack of commitment, they are great musicians, great guys but didn't share the vision.

We need 3 new members aged 18-26. Backing vocal ability is a plus. Please email with recording links (videos even better), a biog, photos and any other relevant info (past bands, what bands your into, any other skills you have i.e. driving, light programming... anything really).

Email me at jwamcmillan@hotmail.com !

07792 855 047
Hey I play Rhythm, and some Lead, and I can do Backing vocals, I live in East London, and can get around most places in London, im 19, I don't have an amp, but I have guitars and some other equipment, ive been playing for 5 years you can add me on facebook:

HI mate. I'm from London, and would be up for the gig. I run a Suhr modern / Tokai loverock into a Hiwatt custom shop head and cab, and I'm pretty versatile. I've also shared the stage with The Feeling, Asia, Focus, Uriah Heap, Jefferson Starship and jammed with loads of people, including Brian Robertson (Thin Lizzy, Motorhead).

Lead guitarist btw.
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