Hey guys, I've been looking at my old strat copy guitar the past couple of hours and decided I'd really like to customize it, inc. a new paint finish and custom guitar pots.

What's recommended or standard for painting guitars? A few people I know say air-brushing, whereas a few say spraying it like you would a car panel. Also, what sort of paint would I need to look out for to paint it? I'm assuming something like Automotive paint, though I've never done this before.

Also, is it possible to use, well, anything as a custom guitar pot? I've got a couple of small, round objects which have the same circumference as the existing pots, and I'd much like to use them.

cheers for reading.
Hey, I did this aswell, Might want to check out my thread:

I only did repainting, i used acryllic paint from a spray can, and a clear coat.

take your time in repainting, is the advice i could give you. better 5 layers of thin paint then 2 layers of thick paint.

Also, let the clear coat dry for atleast a week. you'll get nasty bumps and stuff if you don't!

good luck on it!
What the hell is a custom guitar pot?

You mean a potentiometer?

If so, there's nothing custom about them. The standard value for a pot in a guitar is 500k, 250k or 25k depending on your pickups and tone.

For painting, check out the the painting thread in the central hub thing.
i think he ment the knob on the top.
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You deserved this, Matt.
Yeah, I meant knobs. sorry guys

Edit: Yeah, interesting Bingt, yours came out fairly well! I'm impressed : D

Any tips for painting it? I've never been the most spectacular artist/painter, I need all the help I can get >_<
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