Hi Everyone, I am looking for a present.

And I would like to find a good looking gigbag, but I can´t find any. They all look pretty much the same. Do any one know where to find a more exclusive gig bag, with a more unique design. I would like it to fit a standard guitar, like dread nought.

Thanks, the camo bag looks ok, but I am looking for something more exclusive. Like a fashion assessory!

A piece of clothing rather than a bag.

I have been searching for quite some time now, so maybe what I am looking for doesn´t exist.

Thanks anyway!
Thanks, the postal monkey cases looks cool. But it is actually not what I am looking for either. Maybe I can have a tailor design a case for me?
I think I found it, got an answer from another thread, guitar clothing from Dear Jean, quite expensive thought!

Thanks all!