Has anyone gotten to play the boulder creek guitars with the suspended bracing system? Seems like a good idea in theory but I'm not sure. Can anyone offer up advice. I dont want to shell out $700 for a piece of junk
I do sure love me them Gibsons boy
i have played both solitaires, and they sounded very good. i love the tone ports - lets the player really hear what he/she is playing the same way someone sitting in front of the guitar would, and the finishes on both guitars were very nice. the only thing i didn't like is the word "Solitaire" running down the body behind the strings.
I have the Boulder Creek ECR2-C. It is my third guitar and BY FAR my favorite! I bought it for around $700 at a local guitar shop and was initially attracted to its unique look. I fiddled around with all of the other guitars in the shop and saved this one for last...and boy was I impressed! I like the fact that the sound port is pointed towards my ear (this way I can hear EXACTLY what I'm playing). It also adds an extra punch to the low end. The guitar is very resonant. The bass/midrange sound very abundant. I replaced the factory strings with some Lights in order to get the higher strings to sound a bit brighter. Placing the capo at any fret doesn't hinder the sound quality either. One of the negatives is the guitar is a bit heavy compared to others, but that could be due to the bracing system inside. Plugged in, it sounds great. There are plenty of dials on the built in tuner to help get the sound you prefer (although I haven't felt the need to do so). I display my older guitars in the living room for friends to mess around with, this one stays in my man cave until I'm ready to show off! After about 2 months I took it to a local repair shop for a setup to get the action lowered slightly. Its been 3 days now and it seems like the longest 3 days of my life! When I drive by the shop, I wonder what she's doing and when I can hold her in my arms again. My wife doesn't miss her nearly as much as I do!

All in all great guitar in my opinion. Best money I've ever spent.