About to win a bid on one, should I do it (havent placed it yet but I can and win), its white with rosewood, i like the shape but wanted to know how much a white with emg would normally go for, thanks.
If you think its worth it then go for it. If not, find a different one.

I personally could never justify buying a guitar without playing it first, but thats just me.
It's probably modified with EMGs. I would need to know the year the condition etc before I could even come close to an estimate on it's price. Pics would help. When buying Gibson I really prefer to be able to play it first.

No, the one I've won does not have EMG's, but I have seen modified white explorers with them on ebay (remember one on it for like 1300$) The one I won was rosewood (wish it was ebony but w.e) the regular explorer pickups and the regular explorer specs.

I've played Gibsons before, but just not enough money to buy one from Gcenter etc. so I tried ebay