hey guys, how would i put a glow on a picture of myself, to look like i was at this gig.

this is the pic i wanna edit,

the two guys are mates of mine, and i wanna spook them a little. i have tried
filter render and lighting effects, but its just not going how i expected. and ideas?

Photobucket is being a bitch today.

no its a preowned vintage encore. vintage as in around 1980. fantastic guitar,
(ed sticker was there when i got it)
@whale lol at MS paint job ty! loks like a blue blob iz jizzing on my face and a orange one on my hair.
@inhatred thans bookmarked for later:!
@osx tiger thanks for doint that for me ill use the tutorial next times! awesome!
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Is that a Fender sticker over a Squier logo?

Ha, that's like something I'd pull on my friends.
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There's bound to be a drummer here that can help you, otherwise check YouTube for tutorial vids.
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^^^See! Told ya so!