alright this is a noob question, but im goin to college soon and im wondering if it's hard to find competent musicians that want to take the band seriously? It's not one of those party colleges btw.
You'll be fine, there's a great drummer in his second year who is looking for a band and I know for sure that a bassist and three guitarists are starting the same time as you. One is called Rich though, don't go with him, he won't take it seriously enough.

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Seeing as how we have no idea which college, how many people attend, which part of what country it's in, my answer is unequivocally maybe.

my answer is also unequivocally maybe.
as a general rule, the answer is yes. but you will have to actually make some effort to find them.
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With that many people there's bound to be some good musicians. You need to be aggressive in finding them though
Hey koslack did you ever get that matisyahu interview up?

on topic: yes there are usually good musicians to be found in college, but they're not going to fall into your lap you have to actively hunt them. go to a lot of local shows, go to open mic nights, maybe enroll in some music classes
so think it's possible to get serious musicians? because after my degree I plan to do the near-impossible super immature dream of becoming a serious band and hopefully getting a deal...

PS Sorry about that loss in the family, it always sucks
ask everyone in the world to jam with you.

i posted ads on the online classifieds for my school and jammed with some people, but the band i'm in now? i write songs with my former latin prof (grad student). he was cool as hell and we'd talk before class, we found out we both played guitar, so the summer after he was my teacher we jammed. a year and a half later, we have an album written, a drummer who was a an acquaintance of his from his old job, and a bassist i got simply by asking my friend if he knew anyone interested in playing.

you'll find people. just make the effort. you never know who could end up clicking with.
dude I went to college at MSU in kentucky and I couldn't throw a dead cat without hitting a musician. Most of them sucked.....bad........really bad, but there were some there that had what it takes. Just gotta ask around- be where the music is. It will find you.
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