i have a g&l legacy through a peavey classic w/cannabis rex speaker, and i've noticed that the tone is sort of closed, like someone singing "mmmmmmm" instead of "ahhhhh".

i notice it when i start playing, so i don't know if it's cold tubes or something. after i've been playing for a while, i'm too used to the sound to be aware of it one way or the other.
get a BBE sonic maximizer?
Self proclaimed prophets are great people...
how old is it? maybe you need to change the tubes...

it could also be an EQ issue... play with the knobs a bit and see if you can brighten it up... or purchase an EQ pedal
Yeah, sounds like maybe you are not running enough treble? Or maybe even just too much mid. Just mess with the EQ's and it can make a huge difference.