I'm selling an Epiphone Explorer in Black I was going to Hetfield it & put diamond plate on & emgs etc.

Its in great condition no dings or scratches apart from someone tried to pen out the Epiphone >.<' What a twat (only left small marks, not visible unless close up look at pics) because of this I am not going to ask for £250+ or whatever they go for, instead I will accept £180 posted (open to reasonable offers though) Also open to any reasonable trade offers of ANYTHING! If I can sell it on I'll trade it

It plays like a dream, I was surprised how similar this is to a Gibson, neck wise atleast. With some decent pickups (emgs/bareknuckles) this thing would kick arse! More of a Les Paul man myself though.

Pictures are here

Located in Nottingham area if anyone wants to pick the guitar up
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