Alrighty then. I am in the market for a 6 string, and have narrowed it down to two in my price range.

1. Ibanez GSR206

2. ESP LTD B-206

I would love to have the ESP, but my question is which bass is better quality. I have always been anti-Ibanez because they fell cheaply made to me (except for the BTB an SR series). If anyone owns either of these basses, what is your opinion? This will be my first six string, and normally I would not go any more than a 5, but both of these basses are at an incredible price.

Thanks for the help.
The lower end ibanez six strings can be hit or miss but you try them out before you buy.
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The 206 is supposed to be really good actually. Never tried it myself, but I've never heard a bad word said about it either. Of course, this is all relative for the price range, but since the ESP is in the same price range this is still perfectly valid. In other words, having played neither, the Ibanez gets more praise, in my experience
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With those its a toss up. I personally like the Ibanez more, but you should really play them and make a judgment yourself, both are fine basses
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