For the Past year ive been playing a beginner generic guitar. I've almost finished writing about 20 or so demo tracks or my Alt rock/ Jazzish/ lo - fi / singer - songwriter solo stuff. I really wanna start recording and playing venues instead of just playing in front of my friends. But quite frankly my guitars action is unbearable and it sounds pretty bad.

I want to upgrade to a better guitar. But I don't know should i get this


and buy the pick up separately or should i buy this


I guess what i'm asking is if an electric acoustic guitar sounds good without the amp even though its cut away

what do you guys think?
the lack of a cutaway doesnt affect the tone at all unless you're a dog and have super sonic hearing or someone's installed a frequency analyzer in your brain.

If you're already decided between those 2 guitars then I would get the one with the electronics installed already. Chances are that since you're buying a $400 guitar you're not really interested in buying a high end pickup system later on since most of them start at $300 and a lot of lower end stuff just sounds like lower end stuff. For your application and budget I dont think something like a K&K Mini or Fishman Blender is needed, so just go with the stock Esonic 2 that the epiphone comes with. Buying a lower end pickup just isnt worth it if you can already buy a guitar with a mid-end pickup in it, that Esonic one seems like it has some neat features.

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I agree, you should get an already-made acoustic electric, because pick-ups can be expensive, also, check yamaha and ovation.
ive got a couple of ovation guitars and they are very very good.

also keep in mind the size of the body. since its an acoustic that really counts
Alright thanks guys,

But i play alot without the amp too, like for my friends or at family functions

would the electric acoustic still be good without the amp?
yes, if you get a big body the sound shouldnt be a problem, a small body perhaps will be less "sounding" but a medium-large should be perfect