Hey. Right now im i jam with my stratocaster with my new hot rails in them. it sounds great and im quite happy with it. I use a boss metal zone mt-2 distortion pedal with a 5w peave transtube. Im quite happy with it. I have one problem.. i have 22 fretts.. i would like 24. ive heard that replacing the neck wont work..cuz you cant put a 24frett neck on a 22 guitar because of distance with some bolts or some shit. I wanna buy a new guitar this christmas. I want 24 fretts, a good crisp metal tone, and it has to be easy to move around the fret board. I play a lot of the fall of troy and i need to be able to move around it fast. If you find all these qualities in a cheapier guitar that just doesnt have a great tone..ill be happy replacing the pickups if need be. Im not looking to spend too much..250-400..maybe a little more if neccessary. Please point me in the right direction
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+1. If you're going to shred, this is the best choice.

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ibanez xpt300fx would be a good choice if you are looking for an unconventional shape
Your tone comes from your amp.
Your guitar barely makes any difference.
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If you want a good crisp metal tone get rid of your Metalzone and your Transtube.

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Sounds like you'll be looking a lot at Ibanez, due to their thin necks. You said you can press the budget, so here are some RGs between $300 and $500. I hope you don't mind the Edge III trem though, at $500 that's all you're gonna get.

RG7321 (This one's a 7-string)

They're all in that same price range, so they're very similar. They all have a 24-fret neck, a thin Wizard II neck contour, and Ibanez's Infinity series pickups. The 2EXT1 and 5SP1 are the only ones that don't use INF3, INFS3, and INF4 pickups though, so out of these suggestions, it's mostly up to your personal preference. The 7321 doesn't have an Edge III tremolo, but the rest do.
Again, use the Edge III with caution, is it isn't the best bridge, but, you won't get much better in that price range anyway.

Here's some non-Ibanez ones I'd suggest.

Epiphone EM-2 Prophecy
Epiphone Prophecy SG (Buy this one used on Musician's Friend for $415, that's in your budget)
Jackson DXMG (This one pushes your budget quite a bit)
Sterling by MusicMan JP50 John Petrucci (This pushes the budget even more than the DXMG)
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If you want a good crisp metal tone get rid of your Metalzone


Most of the Transtube series are decent solid state amps, especially for practise.
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Your tone comes from your amp.
Your guitar barely makes any difference.

Yes and no.

With low-end (read: cheap) amps and effects the guitar will make minimal difference assuming you're using the same type of pickups (humbuckers, singles).

With higher-end amps the tone becomes much more responsive and you'll find that different guitars, pickups and such sound quite different.

Since the TS is looking for more frets on his guitar I'd say his choice of a new guitar rather than a new amp is relatively justified but I would warn TS: Your new guitar will not sound hugely different to the old one through that pedal, if you want to change your tone significantly then a new amp is the way to go first.
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Yea actually im planning on buying a tube amp. im looking at 20 watt peavys right now. i love the sound
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