Hi I'm doing A level and in my school we have to do an enrichment subject and I'm doing an extended project where I will look at the styles of Wagner and Chopin, then write a piece of music to emulate their styles.

I know these two composers sound a lot different, but it only got approved because of their differences. However I have found through research that both of the use counterpoint and chromaticism and harmony to effect. Also there are a few melodic differences so I don't believe this will be as hard as it first seems.

What I would like if you could help would be some books, websites or essays that will help me and if one of you knows a lot about whether of these two composers I'd be grateful if we could talk through UG, email or Msn as our teacher recommends we get someone in the know and use them as a source for a greater variety.

And thank you for your help
It will be interesting to hear the piece you come up with.

You could compare them how Chopin predominantly wrote for piano and composed pieces like nocturnes, preludes, etudes etc whereas Wagner rarely strayed from opera.
Well I've found an essay about how Wagners tristen chord may have first been used by Chopin in one of his unreleased pieces that has been partially restored.

Also I could have quite a metronomic bass rather wagneresque with a copin like melody over it in rubato, I know Chopin had a very strictly timed left hand but the right hand was more free tempo wise.

@ griffRG7321
How much do you know about Chopins style and do you think you would be any help?
I would suggest checking out the music section of your local library. You might want to check out why each composer wrote the music they did. What was important to the both of them. That might shed some light on what they were doing. Check out the terms Gesamtkunstwerk, nationalism, and leitmotif. Also the scale, and scope of their works might be worth noting. That will get you a decent start.