i am looking to get a decent bass and bass amp some time soon and have know idea what kind is good. i have played guitar for several years now so i dont mind spending a little cunck of change to get a nice one. probly around 6 or 7 hundred if it is worth it. my influence for bass are players in bands like dave matthews, red hot chilly peppers and any nice groove/jam band, not really interested in metal 4 bass. so what is a good bass and amp combo in my price range?
cant go wrong with a j-bass... i wouldnt blow that much money on my first bass, but fender j-bass's dont run that high anyways
yup, the j-bass is awesome. a mexican or korean made should cost that much.

washburn has decent begginer basses.

for amp id try ampeg or laney
Try and find a spector ReBop they are really good quality, i got mines for only £570 so i'd imagine it wouldnt be far off of that if its dollars your buying it with.
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If you're going to get a Mexi J bass, you should get a high end Squier Jazz, like the VM series. They're pretty much the same, barring the price. The squier is way cheaper but basically sounds the same, especially through a half decent amp.
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j-bass? you mean jazz bass?

Yes he does.

J-bass = Jazz bass
P-bass = Precision bass
j-pup = jazz pickup
p-pup = well, you get the picture...

Also, not necessarily mutually exclusive, as in you could accurately describe the pickup configuration on a bass as P/J, meaning it has one of each. See? Yes.
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Look at a Squier VM, or a used P or J bass. Or take a look at some Ibanez SR's, and make sure to spend a fair amount of that on the amp.
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Go with a mexican fender jazz, really nice tone, and you can get em for a deal if used doesn't bother you, I got one in sunburst for 275, but that was a pretty lucky day.
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