Basically I have alittle extra money and I'm looking at a MiM Stratocaster but I was wondering if I needed it? I already have a Tele and now I'm wonder is there really a difference? Like what is the real difference? I know this sounds dumb but what styles would they be better suited for?

EDIT: My Telecaster is a SS and the Strat would be a SSS

Thanks in advance.
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There is a rather large difference. Tele has more twang, a tele is great for country, some pop-rock, indie, and southern rock with an emphasis on southern. A strat has a little less twang and a little more bite, better for classic rock, modern rock, other pop-rock, and southern rock without the emphasis on southern. But if I was you and really wanted a strat I would get a HSS to maximize the difference between the two, or buy a guitar thats different instead, or better yet, save up and get something nice later on.
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u can get a few more tones out of a strat in the 2 and 4 positions on the 5 way switch. u could always get one, and if u find they are too similar, either put some humbucker rails in one, or just sell whichever one u dont like.
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There's definitely a huge difference. The strat is much more 'glassy' sounding, and the tele can be a bit more raw. Also, the neck position is much clearer on the strat, it can be a bit muddy on my tele. I'd recommend getting one, see how you like it, and if you're not into it then mod it or sell it off. If you make your decision in under 30 days, you can probably even get a full refund.
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the strat is for rock, and the tele is for folk applications
the stat has a faster neck, the single coil pickups hendrix used,
and the tele has more tone and better cleans

to me the most important thing when i buy an instrument is how does it feel in my hands and if i like the sound.
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strats don't have that treble ended twangy tone teles have.. I prefer a tele over a strat, but strats have good features that are worth investing in.

strats IMO have a very neutral tone ... not too low or high, great for cleans, easy guitar to record with. Plus you get a whammy bar to mess with. You can do anything with a strat. the 3 single coil pickups give you additional tone configs. however they're not as distinguishable as you would think. An Hss strat would give you a good lead tone, but i would just get an epiphone if a humbucker tone is what i wanted. I'd say get an SSS strat.
Quote by viento
the strat is for rock, and the tele is for folk applications
the stat has a faster neck, the single coil pickups hendrix used,
and the tele has more tone and better cleans

no.. necks arent 'fast'.. and you can use either guitar for anything.
and tele's dont have more tones.. and IMO strats have better cleans
If you give it a play and like it then I would buy it. It is good to have more than one guitar as sometimes you just fancy a change and switch to the other guitar(s) you have. The sound and the way they play is more down to how you set the guitar up and what Amp etc you play it through.
Teles more raw strat more smooth at least thats what I think when i hear them
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IMO i prefer teles to strats, they have more bite, but the tone knob/volume knob will control this.

TBH i don't think theres much a strat can do that a tele can't, theyre very versatile, ignore this "made for country, southern rock, indie bullshit", granted it's great for that kinda stuff. But they're not limited to it, neck pups great for jazz/blues and smooth leads, bridge is great for chunky riffage and gritty leads. Stairway was done with a tele.

If you like your tele, stick with it and get something different, a semi hollow, something with buckers prehaps?
they're very different; that being said, they're in the same ballpark. there's not as big a difference as between, say, a strat and a les paul. it really depends on what you need. If all the tones you need are single coil tones (and especially some strat tones in there too), then get a strat. If you need humbucker tones too (or p90), then get something with those instead, as the tele should be able to do a (very rough) approximation of at least some of the strat tones.
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