so i have recently learned crazy train and a couple gnr songs im an intermediate guitarist but im stuck on finding a new song to learn any1 have idea
duality by slipknot is really easy or maybe welcome home by coheed and cambria, the solo may take a lot of practice for this one.
the trooper by iron maiden
the song itself isnhard but the solo is agood one to learn and really fun
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Can't go wrong with Metallica

If you want songs to impress the girls you've got the classic slower ones:
Fade to Black
Nothing else matters
yeah agreed ^ you can never go wrong with metallica, in fact my first song that I learned was enter sandman. one of my faves.
Well, your profile indicates that you like GnR, Ozzy, Seether, so I'd learn more of what you like. Gasoline is a pretty easy song to learn by Seether ( not much of a solo ). Ozzy gives you the chance to learn old Black Sabbath and newer Ozzy stuff. Hit up some classics like Paranoid, Sweet Leaf, etc. and then try something like Mama I'm Coming Home (pretty easy as well). Everyone learns Sweet Child and Welcome To The Jungle but you can go back to the Appetite album and pick up some other stuff too. Iron Maiden, Metallica, old Kiss is easy and great to learn as well.
imnot lookin for super easy stuff though i was thinkin somethin the same level as crazy train maybe an easier solo
i have to agree with all the above. for some fun jus look at the top 100 tabs
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