I saw this mic at GC for 99.95 and was really interested in it and all the reviews I recived THERE were positive so I thought to take my question here and ask what are the pros and cons to this mic (and condenser and other mic since I have little to no knowledge on them)

Yes I did searchbar.
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Generally speaking USB mics are really mediocre at best for musical applications, but if your budget is absolutely stuck at $100 for a computer mic setup it might be worth it.
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Keep in mind you'll need a mic stand for that, because it sits in a shockmount. That's another $25 on top of what you're already paying.
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havent tried the USB version, but the 990 is a decent condenser, especially for the price. in fact, its $20 off right now at musicians friend since its the stupid deal of the day. i would probably pick that up instead, and then get a cheaper interface (something used can be under $100). if you pay a bit more for a condenser there are a few that are nicer, but most of those start around $150, which is double the normal 990. easy way to get into recording and it will sound decent. not fantastic, but very usable.