What's the best way to get the most out of a Marshall jcm 800 tone?
Besides crankin it of course, And using what
Crank it, crank it with an attenuator to use it at (slightly) more friendly volumes, boost it up front with an overdrive such as a Tubescreamer.
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"Best" is purely subjective? What kind of sound do you want out of it? Do you want to sound like a specific guitarist/band? Are you just wanting to tweak the amp settings itself, or add pedals or effects to what you have?
Basically I just want the amp to sound the best it can with out crankin it when i'm at home, gigs I would crank it but besides tht how could I get the amp to sound good at low volumes? I heard about attenuators but wouldn't that suck out tone?
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Big fan of the ts9. I use one with a Windsor head and it sounds great. Pushes the amp enough that is not over done but still has a good amount of gain for what I need. Put it with an 800 and it'll sound great. Brent hinds from mastodon drives his 800 with a tubescreamer and he has good tone.
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