this actually kicks a lot of ass

im listening to the sea right now and all i can hear is ass kicking.
Its got a really sweet "heroic" feel to it

Any way to download or purchase your music?
thanks alot dude!!

well, about the download/purchase
We have recieved some serious label interest and nothing has been inked or anything so I have been hesitant about selling our music ourselves. But Im at the point where Im sick of these labels dicking around and might just start selling songs ourselves. But add us and gimme your personal email and ill send ya some songs
****in good shit i would mos def purchase the shit out of this album.
your a wreck, an accident, forget the freak your just nature, keep the gun oiled and the temple clean, shit snort and blaspheme, let the heads cool and the engine run, because in the end everything we do is just everything we've done.
-corey taylor