I used to have a Line 6 Spider III 30 amp but then it broke. The Speaker cone is fine, so i was wondering if could make a guitar amp, which is purely clean or even better with distortion. If it was clean i could add some effects pedals etc. Is there a site where it can tell me step by step how to build a guitar amp?
you'll need to do alot more research if you want to build an amp you'll like..
and you'll likely spend more on building one than you would buying a new amp or having yours repaired.

there's several 1/2 watt and 1 watt solid state amp designs that run off a low voltage that you could build with minimal knowledge and few safety hazards, but if you want anything bigger and more useful, you might have to look into amp building alot further than you seem to be expecting

edit: do you have any idea whats wrong with the spider?
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run off groove is a good place to start, I'm most of the way through building a ruby which hasn't been to difficult. If you're wanting louder amps and/or high quality amps it'll take you a good while to build it. AX84 have all you need to build a tube amp - but building tube amps is something I'm a bit wary of right now, maybe when I'm more confident in my electronics I'll try one.
[O.¬] - WTF?
Well when i turn it on there is a one tone hum, none of the nobs work..... I gave it to a guy in my school to look at it. But I have a speaker cone which just needs something electric to power it and give it something to make sound...;