another name for it is post hardcore
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Other than the beginning of the 2nd song, I didn't hear any ambient, it just sounded like generic, breakdown driven hardcore. I like the idea, and you have potential, but you need to work on letting the ambiance develop more.

After a second listen, the guitars are pretty atmospheric, but the vocals and drumming are just plain hardcore. The vocals just really don't fit the style of music.

Having said that, overall, I really did enjoy it. This project has a ton of potential, and could be very good if developed properly. Try listening to Cult of Luna or ISIS, vocals more in this style would fit perfectly. Also, try lowering them in the mix, they overpower the guitar work and take away from the "ambientness". Keep up the good work though, this is a band I will keep an eye on.
ok thanks! yea we got rid of our old vocalist and our new one is much better. he sings good. ill check your band out
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