hi, i am looking for a les paul junior body, i have done a serch and i cant find anyone who sells them. does any one know where i can get one from?
It may not be specifically a LP jr body. But warmoth has flat top LPs just order it with the same options as a jr body will have. I have seen plans for jr bodies, and theres a thread floating around on UG with templates for different bodies. Jrs just arent that popular vs a regular LP or a strat, for most places to make a bunch of em up.
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i'll second warmoth. i own one and they're flawless. best ****ing guitars for the money. and especially great if you have a cool pickup layout in mind. plus you can have them made in 24.75" scale OR 25.5" scale. a 25.5" SG is one of my dream guitars.

BUT they can be expensive. if you're building a dream guitar it's perfect. if not you might want to just find a cheap epiphone LP junior or something.
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yeah i had looked at the warmoth lp bodies, dam they look good. but maybe abit out of my price range, im in the uk as well so i would also have to pay shipping. any one else got any info?

Since they're generally set neck guitars, you're gonna have to really know what you're doing when you assemble it. I'd recommend just buying a Gibson jr, they're not that expensive especially second hand.
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yeah i had thought that, but i have this great custom made les paul neck lying around and it would be a shame not to use it.
Perhaps make one? Slab-O-Mahogany, shouldn't be that hard. If you find someone local I'm sure they'd make the body and assemble the guitar for you.
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yeah i had thought about making it myself, but emailed a couple of guitar builders today and one of them said they could build me a body for £180, a bit steep but it would be a one off...