Hi guys,

I have been playing guitar now for about 2 years....
I still SUCK,The Hardest songs i can play are Mother Russia (By Iron Maiden), Fear of the Dark, Iron Man, The Zoo (by the Scorpions) and the intro of Master of Puppets by Metallica obviously i can't play any of these solo's of course. Still even i can play them most of the time the stuff i play doesn't sound too good....
So it really is bothering me.

My bending and vibrato sucks, my bending sounds ugly and often not in the right pitch vibrato feels like its out of control....
I can't play very fast and if i try after a while i stall completely and my hands cramp.
I would like to be able faster and be able to play galloping riffs (like The rythm of the Trooper, and some helloween songs) but a don't even know how the hell i am going to get it rigth.
And at last and worst is my timing is not very good which probably explains why what i play doesn't sound very good.

I need help please!!

If you guys could help me and tell me what to do, practise (like a little training regime) and links to exercises on UG that can help me to work on that.

I love playing the guitar and i will never give up but this is just so frustrating!!

Thanks guys.
Try and practice playing scales and alternate picking them and your speed should improve.
Also just give it some time, no one can become a guitar God with alot of practice, just keep working at it and you'll get better
when you practice, practice with the songs you are having trouble with, you will at least be able to get better timing and rhythm by doing that. if you don't know any scales, learn some minor pentatonic scales and practice running through them as fast as you can without messing them up. don't be frustrated with it because you aren't the only one who has struggled with their playing. EVERYBODY does! relax a little bit more and you'll have fun with it.

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Taking lessons would help but aside from that here are things you should do.

1. Warm up exercises before each practice.
2. Buy a metronome to practice with.
3. When you learn a song you have to learn it all the way through, not just an intro or main riff. This makes a huge difference. Work on 2 or 3 songs at a time so you don't get bored.
4. If you don't know how to jam learn to. Jamming lets you practice the techniques you know while setting them to a melody. It also lets you experiment more.
5. Learn things slow first. Start at maybe 60% speed and then keep working at it until you can play full speed. By the time you can play it perfectly at full speed you should have the endurance to do it.
6. Each day look up a random lesson or exercise and learn it, whether it is theory or technique or whatever. UG is the best for that.

Master things before you move on, its better to know the basics perfectly than to know a few advanced things that you can hardly do anyway.
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Speed is the least of your worries - you need to focus on developing your control and accuracy before thinking about getting any faster.
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2 years??? just give it some time and practice, the people you're trying to emulate have been playing many years and even in the early years they practiced at least 10 hours a day... that's just not reasonable for most of us.

For your bends, try to support your ring finger with the middle finger and even the first if it helps to stabilize your bends more steady... watch videos on youtube to see what I mean.... if you have strong hands like me using 10s at minimum might help get stability you need if you don't have very much control, if you have smaller or weaker hands maybe 9s are better.

Vibrato takes time because it really comes naturally and everybody's different... practice by using the whole wrist and wiggling it back and forth... some people even like to shake the whole neck of the guitar (sounds good on an old les paul)... also try the more controlled approach by focussing more on the vibrato finger and slowing it down... just throw some vibrato in everytime you end or pause on a note and sooner or later you'll get good at it and knowing when to use it will come natural.

Don't feel bad, Clapton says one of the hardest techniques to develop is a good natural vibrato.
thanks for the help guys! You guys are right, you can't become good overnight. Unless you become a social outcast and practice 10h a day...