I didnt expect a present like this on my birthday(yesterday), I've played the guitar like a week ago in a guitar shop, I was completely amazed by the guitar and said to my dad that I wanted that guitar really bad but he said that I had to wait until I finished this year in school.

so yesterday I expected a normal present, but nothing like this...


enter the gallery because the photos are too big for the forum, there are like 12 photos of the guitar

tell what you think, I think its one of the most beautiful and comfortable guitar I've played.

about the abalone, when I first saw this guitar online I thought that the abalone was hideous and that it ruined the guitar, but when I saw the guitar and played with it the abalone didnt matter anymore
Oooooo! HNGD! They look really good guitars! I need to try one out for myself!

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niceee, i got the same one except with a FR

I bought this one because it has a fixed bridge, I hate floyd roses
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niceee, i got the same one except with a FR

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hahaha its just a matter of comfort, for me FR's are a real pain in the ass but you seem to like them
That's a seriously cool birthday present. The best I got was on my 18th, when with a bit of my own money I got the PGM. It's a nice feeling, ain't it
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I remember playing one like that at guitar center... Only it was red... It was a really nice guitar, although I didn't like the abalone. Anyhow nice guitar and HNGD!
I was expecting this NGD to be pretty naff when I saw the title.

EC-1000 though, hella nice.

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