If UG had a magazine, would you buy it? i guess it would feature the best of the site, and maybe some special features. i dont know. discuss
Only if it came with a full spread centerfold of UGers every time.
God no.
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it probably would include that but it would be expensive as hell and not everyone would be able to get one
Since I don't normally leave the confines of the Pit I'm going to have to say no.
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There was a thread about this a long time ago; we decided it was a pointless idea...

...it still is
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I think it would be a cool idea to almost mimic guitar world with the interviews and tabs but along with that have lessons from UG members and maybe a "Best of the forums" page where it would have like the top topics of the week/month and some of the best replies, therefore promoting the site and everything

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They'd have to stop feeding so much information into the site, or there'd be nothing in the magazine that you can't get for free on here. That's why it's already been said many times it's not going to happen.
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Meh. Got GW for that if you really need one.
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Yeah, it's been decided before. It's essentially pointless because UG in itself is a magazine.
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cant edit the post for a poll, but i dont think thats necessary. i think the general consensus in no
I'd probably only read anything pit related, like I do now.
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Only if it included a monthly top 10 best Pit threads.
I love you guys.

That's really stupid. Note how now, we get everything on it for free, but a magazine would be paying for less content.

Even if the magazine had exclusive stuff in people would post it online anway.
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Only if it came with a full spread centerfold of UGers every time.

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