I live in Stafford (West Midlands, UK), and unfortunately I doubt posting the cab will be a possibility, unless you can find a courier that will deliver these dimensions:
67x69x36 and its 39kg I think! So other than that, its pickup only!

This is a cab that I bought with my DSL50 head, but i'm upgrading to a custom Zilla 2x12" in the next few weeks so I gotta get rid of it!

It's in great condition, a few scratches in the tolex from general wear and tear but nothing major!

It is 200 watt handling, 8ohm mono (no switching unfortunately)

It has 4 Celestion G12AVT speakers which are great stock speakers!

These used to retail for around £300 (I think) but I'm sure they aren't made anymore!
This isn't a collectors item by any means But it's a nice cheap cab!

Great for adding to you current AVT half stack for some extra presence onstage or just a more overpowering sound!
Also works as a standalone cab in addition to any head with 8ohm output, less than 200 watts!

So yeah, i'm asking £150 !
Offers will be considered as well seeing as I need it gone soon! But only sensible ones please, this is a decent piece of kit!

Thanks a lot