I'm restoring what I think is an old Supro Violin guitar that has two single coil pickups. My question is, do old single coil pickups date a guitars age? These old pickups are hooked up to what I think is a Supro Dual-tone system. I want to restore it instead of throwing a pair of humbuckers in.
I found two broken wiring connections when I pulled it apart, so that part of the restoration is easy.
Is this old guitar from 1957 or 1967? Supro guitars go way back, so I'm thinking that they wouldn't put single coils in a guitar when everyone else was using the new humbuckers in the early 1960's. Supro guitars were made by the National-Dobro Co back then.
It didn't come with it's old whammy tailpiece or bridge. A Stew-Mac TOM bridge is on the way, and I've got a tailpiece that fits, so it's not far from playing again. I just wonder if its 60 years old? Talk about vintage tone.
Thanks for your help with this mystery.
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