Anyone who has had prior experience with a Marshall 1936 or a 1922, what are your opinions?

I've found a 2x12 of both cabs on gumtree for roughly €250. I need it for a Soldano Avenger 50 Head. Would that be an appropriate match?
I've heard on various forums that they sound quite thin and harsh. But, I've never tried one.

EDIT: The 1936 Cab
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Nah, well build cab, fairly light but very directional. Personally I found the laminate quality a bit lacking.

The thing about G12T-75's is that all you get for the first few meters is treble response, stand back a bit and you hear the whole speaker, the highs are a pretty cold, but the bass response is quite tight without the midhump of V30s.

If you don't dig the tone down the road, swap for V30s, fantastic speakers. Really tight bass, Midhump pushes you right through the mix and the treble is round and warm.
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^ you can get the 1936 with V30s, its about £100 more but well worth it. i've just ordered mine to go with my Boogie Dual Rectifier and it sounds awesome with it, dont know much about Soldanos so i'm not sure if it will go well with the head but its certainly not a bad cab at all
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a guy called ch0 has or had a 1936 cab and ive got a 1922 cab

both really good cabs imo, speakers are to everyones own taste tho.
like everyone says, just try it out if you can
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