So, now im looking to refinish the neck of my Jackson Rhoads
Not the fretboard, the neck itself.
Right now its just a natural wood color and Im pretty sure its made out of maple.

Now, the question is, if i sand it down a bit and apply the stain (going for a sort of dark mahogany color), and then apply the clear coat after.. Will the neck get sticky and hard to play on? Right now it's very smooth and easy to play but im worried it will get sort of a sticky or grippy sort of feel to it..Anyone with any experiance doing this?
you dont have to clearcoat it after you stain it. you can always use truoil to leave it more natural. But if you do clearcoat it it should be fine. project-guitar.com has a bunch of forums and tutorials about guitar building
Not worth it... The amount of sanding you'd have to do to get the finish off would be erring towards ridiculous.
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