Hello folks. I'm looking to get a sound pedal for my set up but have never purchased one before. Basically, I'm not looking for anything specific but something new that I can mess around with. On that note, I was hopeing you fellas could recommend any kind of pedal that I could look into. Tell me your favorite pedal.. and maybe the price you had to pay to get it.

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DigiTech Harmony Man? I was watching some videos of it yesterday, looks like it could be fun to mess around with.
the original dunlop wahwah pedal, everyone from clapton to eddie van halen uses one of these bad babies.
The DigiTech Harmony man seems really wicked. It's definitely on my list of possible purchases. The dunlop wahwah is a classic.. I'm looken for something a little different but I have considered it.
Any other suggestions? keep em comin!
i love my digi delay pedal. fun for hours! as long as you like to play clean... delay doesn't agree too well with most distortion.
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I love the digi delay pedal. I just checked it out and can tell I'd enjoy it. The electro harmonix POG is pretty cool but the digitech whammy caught my attention. I noticed some effects with it sound similar to Tom Morello's sick techniques. I'm gona have a tough time deciding which to choose haha.
Any others??
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the original dunlop wahwah pedal, everyone from clapton to eddie van halen uses one of these bad babies.

I'm going to go ahead and stop you. Clapton, Hendrix, all those players used Vox wah pedals, not Dunlop.

Also to add to your list, if you have the money to go with it all. I'd suggest the Empress Vintage Modified Super Delay (Check PGS's gear demo's on it) along with the EP-PRE. If you're into Echoplex's, the combo of the EVMSD and the EP-PRE should replicate the Echoplex (From what I've heard), the EVMSD should also give you a bit more versatility as it can also do other types of delays, and all that stuff.


I'll go ahead and explain the EP-PRE. the EP-PRE, if you didn't put it together, is the Echoplex (EP) pre amp (PRE). A lot of guitarists who use Echoplex's say the pre amp is what gives it the sound it has. Obviously the EVMSD is the delay portion.
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I personally had a lot of fun messing around on a friends Boss GT-10 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal But I dont have like $350 to spend on anything.
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If you want a bunch of flexibility, without breaking the bank, search no further than a Digitech RP series pedal.

You all kinds of stuff... if they come with an expression pedal you get wah and a volume pedal.
So far I like the look of the Digitech RP series.. mostly due to the price range. It's not too expensive and it has a lot to offer. Awesome! I appreciate the suggestions fellas. It's really given me an idea of what's out there. Keep on tellen.. I'm starting to make a plan and take one of these babies home
From what it sounds like the PR series would be perfect for you. A cheap processor that will let you explore the effects that you want and experiment with effects and such. It will give you a good foundation to build a higher quality pedalboard in the future. The PR pedals are great for in room jamming and experimentation, but they are cheap, so if you are looking for profesional grade sound, you will need to look elswere. From what you have said though, I think it would be perfect for you. Before I started building up my own board I used an RP 250 and it has given me the experience to know what effects I like and dislike and how to use them.