Automatic autumn
a systematic symphony that slient sunrise senses you can't hear
seems since our chords were severed
that harsh note was sent into to distance
its head held heavy with umbilical dreams

With a parched throat saved in pavement
it screamed its own engravment
on the stone labeled "three"
written out of frequency
like the sound of sirens sleeping

Sweet ambiance, Dear Ambulance
soothe the headlights sting
as the body in the back stays in tact
just to push you off the swing
a stuttered statement swift
his eyes grew wide
with the sound of smoke stacks singing

Communication grounded by grenades
the directer dipped out past a gap between the credits
just let your mind melt toward the sea
recording over caution tape
as if our mind were meant to see
the victims raped and stapled to the floor

Genocidal gravitation,
the simple thought sought
to send the cortex on vacation
past a point-blank mutation found on the film
"Kodak Covered Kerosene"

Reaching for the sun
one may forget
the feet which
ground him
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