Well, the holidays are up and although I'm not a fan, I rather have my parents spend money on something I want, rather than guess about something I don't. So here's the deal, I want a multi-track recorder. I'll need it to have enough tracks to cover drums, bass, rhythm and lead guitar, synth, vocals, and possibly a few more so an 8 track is probably what I'll be looking for since I would think that'd be the most economical. I won't go used for something like this, I want a brand new piece of equipment. Budget wise, I'd like to keep it under $250, but if need be I will throw my own money in. I rather not since I'm saving for a new amps, and most of my cash is also being kept on hold for college books for next semester as well as Christmas presents for this year. But I suppose I could chip in about $100-150 more if absolutely necessary. Well I hope that covers it, if you need more info, let me know.

Thanks in advance!
You should ask in Riffs&Recordings, you'll get a much better answer there.
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Ok, I'll try there instead. But if anyone does have a suggestion I'd still appreciate it.