Im looking for some sort of plans just to reference to. I'm planning this week / weekend to build a guitar stand that accomodates atleast 3 or 4 guitars. I'm planning on building this out of wood and then staining it so it will look nice. Also I know certain fabrics wear down guitar surfaces so what would be a good surface to use on the section in contact with the body?
Theres about a million on instructables.com
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To protect the guitar finish, you can really use anything soft, and the finish will be fine. The only exception is a newly painted lacquer guitar. If you use rubber, it can eat away at the paint, and using something with a texture can imprint it onto the new lacquer. It wont always happen, but to be safe, you could just use the same wood as the rest of the stand, but just round the edges so you dont scratch the guitar

You could even build something like this, and if you use good wood, stain it, and maybe add a some design element, it could look really nice
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as for plans, a few people on here have made PVC ones. I think your best bet would be to look at some of the dimensions they used, and work from there. Also, what kind of stand are you thinking? like the kind that is a line and you see the side of the guitar? or more of a round thing like so? i think the straight one would be easier and more straight forward.

as for things that wont hurt the finish, what about the foam stuff most stands use? ive never heard of felt hurting wood finishes either, lots of people put it on the bottom of things they put on their coffee tables. you could stain the wood and use a nice green or maroon felt and have it with similar styling to a pool table.