Im in a hardcore/skacore punk band and I was curious to know what you guys think is the best name... 1.) Warcrimes 2.) Test No. 6

P.S. Trying to look for names of operations, bombings, and other terms used in the military to get an idea for a good name so if anybody knows any or knows a site that as a list it would really help (ex. Agent Orange, Operation Ivy)
I don't like either but Warcrimes is the lesser of two evils.
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Area 51, it's, like, dark and mysterious.
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Operation Iraqi Freedom.
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Operation Free Tibet?

Anyways, to the bandleading forum you go.

Flo the Dodo
The Valiant Return of Richard Nixon
R.I.P. M.C.A.
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operation let england give us shit navigation so we run up a hill at get shot at by turks.
Operation Fiery Death (this isn't military related but you could use "Confinement" Which was my first band untill we broke up)
The Elastic Band
The B Flatulents


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Neither of them.

I know it's not related at all, but Mrs. Man and The Herm Clan is a pretty good name.
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