Well Im lookin for a new amp for christmas and the Vypyr looks pretty appealing, so anybody played one? Thoughts, concerns, anything? I'm lookin for an amp that can play pretty much everything, from blues to metal. Also if any of you have any other recommendations for an amp then please go ahead, the max will be around $1000 and please just keep it to combos, I dont really want a half stack

Anyway, thanks to any of you that actually do help out
why dont you get that valveking with the mods then?

EDIT: i pretty much hate most solid state/modeling amps
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I got my Randall RM100 combo with 5 modules for 1100$. Look up the Randall MTS series, you can't really get more versatile than that while maintaining high-quality sound.
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Blues to metal... $US1000... secondhand Marshall DSL100 or Mesa Rect-o-verb, depending on whether you want British or American voicing respectively.
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no can do on the used gear. my moms paying for it and she said shes not going to buy used.
i own a vypyr and i am very happy with the tone, it can do metal, classic rock, nice cleans and im pretty sure itll do blues but i dont have a tube model so im sure those are amazing! =)
Yeah, but you really don't need 120w tube. Just get the 60w version.
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