Hi everyone! I am new to this forum, although I have browsed through here a bit. I'm a beginning songwriter and have always had little trouble putting down music, writing melodies and hooks and such. The problem for me always was the lyrics and words, which is why I usually just got stuck on that part and have tons of music to which I don't have any words.

Lately I've been getting a bit more inspired to give the whole lyric writing thing a go again and this is my first real song that I've managed to write lyrics for. What I ended up doing was writing a new song with new music and somehow the words kinda came to me, so I wrote them down as I was writing down the chords.

I have no clue if this is any good or not, so I decided to ask the opinion of a group of people who have been working on writing lyrics a whole lot longer then me.

I'd be happy to hear your opinions. Thanks a bunch!

Verse 1
I’m walking through the dark
and I’m waiting for the sun
Giving me over
to this day that has begun

Thinking of you
makes me feel so alive
But there’s nothing to do
but to run away and hide

I’m losing control of all that I know
and I wanna go, to move on

Verse 2
I’m feeling so empty
under the stars that shine so bright
I’ve waited my whole life
for the one that brings me light

Why is it so hard, to be apart
and being alone, away from you

I know, and I feel that this is right
Even though I wanna stay around and fight
It’s clear and yet I fail to let you go, I wanna know…
are you that light?

I’m walking through the light
and I’m waiting for the dark